Pause in the shop!

Hello again, i take a break with the Luftslott shop until the Totalt JĂ€vla Mörker tour is done. It got so much work with everything else so I’m taking a break for December 12th. After that you will be able to but the rest of the colored TJM records. Hope thats ok.

Totalt JÀvla Mörker releases out now!

You can now purchase Totalt JÀvla Mörker colored vinyls from Luftslott Records.
Do not hesitate because they are limited and sold only through the band, Luftslott Records and D-Takt och RĂ„punk.

IF you want the Totalt JĂ€vla Mörker -Vinylboxen, weÂŽll sell them (thou without photofanzine and postcard, only in “Dö HĂ„rt”).

Just email me at


Luftslott Records releases Totalt JÀvla Mörker discography.

We are excited and happy to finally be able to announce that LUFTSLOTT RECORDS and D-TAKT & RÅPUNK will release the TJM discography on vinyl in connection with their 20th anniversary. RELEASE DECEMBER 1, 2017. Find all necessary information about all releases and different versions below. Pre-order/questions:

* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″ (black vinyl)
* MĂ€nniskans Ringa VĂ€rde, 12″ (black vinyl)
* S/t, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Söndra & HĂ€rska, 12″ (black vinyl)
* SkellefteĂ„ Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″ (black vinyl)
* DĂ„ HĂ€mndens Timme SlĂ„r, 7″ (transparent green vinyl)
* Logo metal badge
* Fold-up poster
* Sticker
* Unique TJM related photography, different photos in all boxes
* Photo fanzine (included only in the ‘Dö hĂ„rt’ version)
Now available for pre-order:
1250sek/each (shipping w/ tracking nr included within Sweden). All pre-orders are prepaid!
– – – – – – –
* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″ (black vinyl)
* MĂ€nniskans Ringa VĂ€rde, 12″ (black vinyl)
* S/t, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Söndra & HĂ€rska, 12″ (black vinyl)
* SkellefteĂ„ Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″ (black vinyl)
* DĂ„ HĂ€mndens Timme SlĂ„r, 7″ (transparent green vinyl)
* Logo metal badge
* Fold-up poster
* Sticker
* Unique TJM related photography, different photos in all boxes
Will be sold at TJM upcoming shows, those boxes that are left will be available through the labels websites in mid-December.
1200sek/each + shipping.
– – – – – – –
* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″ (green vinyl)
* MĂ€nniskans Ringa VĂ€rde, 12″ (white vinyl)
* S/t, 12″ (red vinyl)
* Söndra & HĂ€rska, 12″ (silver vinyl)
* SkellefteĂ„ Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″ (purple vinyl)
Will be sold at TJM upcoming shows, those colored vinyls that are left will be available through the labels websites in mid-December..
150sek/each + shipping.
– – – – – – –
* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″
* MĂ€nniskans Ringa VĂ€rde, 12″
* S/t, 12″
* Söndra & HĂ€rska, 12″
* SkellefteĂ„ Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″
Will be sold mainly through the labels websites in December.
135sek/each + shipping.
Lables and distros get in touch with Luftslott Records ( for w/s and further information. We accept orders from all over the world.

Bad Nerve – The Lost Ones out Aug 25th!

The Bad Nerve record will be out August 25th, and you can already preorder it from the shop with a mighty good looking t-shirt! Bad Nerve – The Lost ones is 14 tracks of simple yet innovative and catchy punkrock that mirrors both the UmeĂ„ tradition and classic american Hardcore like Zero Boys, Bad Brains and Wipers. This is a split-release with Ny VĂ„g Records. 

Preorder here: Bad Nerve preorder

Bad Nerve releases on Luftslott Records

Shocking news! You can’t believe this! Luftslott Records and Ny VĂ„g Records are going to co-release Bad Nerve‘s LP: The Lost Ones. The first sweet taste you’ll  get from the records is the single Prisoners. Prisoners will be released on all digital streaming platforms on May the 19. The full-length record will be out early this autumn.

We have joined forces to give you a damn fine example of the UmeÄ Hardcore tradition with the new Bad Nerve LP: The Lost Ones.

Twin Pigs – Chaos, Baby!

TWINPIGS_Press2016November the 4:th Luftslott Records and Twin Pigs will release their debut album “Chaos, Baby!”
The band started out in Stockholm 2015 and consists of Andreas, Canan, Erik and Klara. Semi-veteran punks who previously played in Gamla Pengar, Tiger Bell, Inkvisitionen and Besserbitch. With songs about Donkey Kong, activism, burning flags, to have an ambivalent relationship with the internet, The X-Files, Stanley Kubrick and devil worship is this exactly what you can expect and know you need from a punk band 2016.
First single “Got Enough” will be released the 16th of September.
Hardcore punk as it best!

Summer Sale!

Soon it will be summer vacation and it may be slightly longer delivery of your orders . But as compensation, we offer 10% to the end of July discount if you use the code “Summer Sale” when you pay. Hey Ho letÂŽs go!

Click here!
//Luftslott Records

New Band, New Song!

transmission6_melinahagglundLuftslott Records are proud to present PAARKS.
Paarks established nearly a year ago and the band has been working hard since. Among others, played on TrÀstockfestivalen as well as a variety of local gigs around UmeÄ. After a membership change, began a small tour in November that took them to Finland and back. In February the band will release their first album , Stranger Shores, with Luftslott Records.
first up they will release the single “Fascists at the party! the 11th of December.

Vaken – S/T release!

Vaken digiVaken – S/T  release date September 11:th , we have been longing for too long. A great indie album that will light up the autumn darkness. Released on LP and digital, you can buy the album from the shop or at your local record store.

If you get the chance to see the band live, just do it! They will be touring this autumn.

Staten Brinner are releasing 7″ on Luftslott Records!

Version 1-SB_webWhat do you get when you cross Popterror and Totalt JĂ€vla Mörker? Well, youÂŽll get STATEN BRINNER. This is punkrock the old school way, catchy guitars, steady drums and cool punk singing. Not so much pop as Popterror and not as hard as Totalt JĂ€vla Mörker. The EP will be called “Punk pĂ„ Svenska”

Releasedate not set yet.

Check out their video as they did in February.

Welcome VAKEN.

Luftsl8ott Records is so incredibly happy to be working with VAKEN. An outstanding band with an extraordinary sound. VAKEN vill release a single and video in the beginning of June. VAKEN self-titled LP will be released on 7 September. On Luftslott Records, of course. It is absolutely outstanding and it will be so incredibly fun. Believe me!


Happy/Hectic days!

For those of you who are waiting for your order, it will come to you soon. Remember it is a DIY company and it is only me who pack the orders. Right now there are a lot (supermany) of orders for once, which I‘m happy for, and continue to order! I get happy every time there is an order email.

Thanks for supporting the Luftslott!

Luftslott Shop


BestĂ€ll “POLITIKEN”, vi bjuder pĂ„ frakten.

Politiken omslag
Har varit i kontakt med skivtryckeriet och DHL och “POLITIKEN” split 7″ med Popterror och Sista Brytet vĂ€ntas komma pĂ„ Torsdag 4/9.
Vilket Àr minst EN dag försent, eftersom releasefesten hÄlls i morgon.
Deppa inte, ni som kommer pÄ releasepartyt samt ni som inte har möjlighet att komma.
Ni kan förbestÀlla skivan för endast 50sek ($7) sÄ bjuder vi pÄ frakten.
Detta grymma erbjudande gÀller bara till den 5 September, sÄ passa pÄ.
Ni mailar bara namn och adress till, sÄ kommer skivan med en faktura.
Hoppas ni som ville köpa den i morgon har förstÄelse, vi kunde inget göra för att skynda pÄ.
Ses pÄ festen i morgon och lyssnar till musik, dricker, och har kul.

Have been in contact with the record pressing plant and DHL, and “POLITIKEN” the split 7 “with Popterror and Sista Brytet is expected with the post on Thursday, 4 September. Which is least a day late, because the release party will be held tomorrow.
Do not feel bad, you who are coming to the release party and to those are unable to come.

You can pre-order the disc for only 50sek ($ 7) and get free shipping.
This awesome offer is only available until 5 September, so take the opportunity.
You will email your name and your address to, so will the vinyl arrive with an invoice.
Hope you guys who wanted to buy it tomorrow have understanding, we could not do anything to speed up.
See you at the party tomorrow and listening to music, drinking, and having fun.


Support D-takt och RĂ„punk

My friend Jocke is running the DIY punklabel “D-takt & RĂ„punk” and heÂŽs had some really bad flooding in his stock. Way too many records has been ruined. So i sent him some records that he can sell, and all the profit goes to building up his label again.

You can check it out here:
And help him sell Luftslott Records here:

Release party for “POLITIKEN” 7″

On September 3 holds Lustslott Records a party to celebrate the  release of “POLITIKEN” with Popterror and Sista Brytet. We are pleased to announce that acclaimed and absolutely fantastic VĂ€sterbron will be playing at the party.
We will be on Scharinska, UmeĂ„, Sweden and super nice people in theKlubb Lennart” will be DJ’s.

Cost SEK 80, dPopterrorsistabrytetposteroors open at 21:00. Hope to see you there!

Facebook event.


On July 11,  TANGO VIOLENZO will release their EP “THE SUBMISSION EP” on Luftslott Records, digitally available on Rdio , 7Digital , Simfy , iTunes , Spotify , Rhapsody , eMusic , Deezer , Vidzone Digital , 24/7 (bundle) , Nokia MixRadio , Google Play , Wimp , Amazon MP3.

Unfortunately, it looks like the 7 “vinyl is not going arrive until July 11. We can only hope that the German post service is as effective as the football team.

We keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

New EP on the way!

At last i can tell you that Luftslott Records are going to release the Tango Violenzo EP.

Submission Ep miniItÂŽs called “The Submission EP” and i‘m so psyched for this release. Stay tuned for more news about  Tango Violenzo.

Listen at a short soundclip here.

Release date are set to 2014-07-11. Vinyl 7″ and digital.

Songs offline…

Some of you may have noticed that Sista Brytet’s and The Whycantyoudies’ songs are not available on Spotify and iTunes and other streaming sites anymore. We have fixed this issue with our online distro, and they will soon be available again.

Coming soon!

We are so happy to release The Whycantyoudies – “He Left You – Greatest Hits 2003–2005”!

You will find the digital version on iTunes, Spotify and other big sites. The cassette version have two cool remixes, but we are still waiting for the cassettes. We’ll let you know when they arrive.

//Luftslott Crew


The Whycantyoudies

Okey, here it is, the release that you haven’t been waiting for! Do you remember the band “The  Whycantyoudies”? Probably not, they are too big for you guys. We’re gonna release their “Greatest Hits” this December, right around christmas.

It will be released as cassette and digital.

You can download a preview, “Working Class Zero”, here.

//Luftslott records

Where can I find “Medelklasshelvetet EP”?

You can find it in these music stores, hope there is one that suits you!

Ok, you can find it in more stores, but then you’ll have to search for yourself…

Royal Downfall single

Royal Downfall announces that the mix of their new single “A Flash of Light” is finally done.

“Next stop is mastering, then we’re off”, says Janne Olofsson.

It’s been five years since the release of “These Means Have No End”, so this is huge! We’re planning a release in April.


Happy new year!

2012 is the year when we finally will release some good music. SISTA BRYTET is releasing an EP in February and ROYAL DOWNFALL will post a single as soon as the mixing is done.

Stay tuned!