I, like you, am probably so sick of corona’s chokehold of the live scene. I want to sweat in the moshpit on punk gigs, I want to arrange gigs for unknown but totally amazing bands, I want to be knocked out by just that particular song!

Unfortunately, none of us can do it anymore, we have to wait, distance ourselves and take care of each other.

I do not have the record company as a full-time job, so purely financially so I can get through this crisis. If you want to buy records, do it by someone who has it as their only income.
But if you want to help a small indie company get around its annual financial concerns, I would appreciate if you check out my webshop. 

I give out music because I think more people should discover it.

Take care and on Friday April 17 it’s release time for Desire and Her Drunks! Amazing!