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Luftslott is a ”do it yourself” type of recordlabel.
Luftslott release bands that we find that we find interesting , mostly punk, indie and pop bands.
Would you like to send in a demo then do it! If it´s exciting, maybe we can work together.

We do wholesale for distros, and sometimes we trades records.
If you want to know more about that, send an e-mail at:
Or if you prefer the old fasion way, write to:
Luftslott Records
c/o Lindkvist
Furuvägen 10
91335 Holmsund

One Comment

  1. Heyo, 

    I’m writing to let you know, Ray Martinez (former MRR coordinator) and myself are starting a larger scale DIY/Indie punk zine based in Chicago. It’s called No Friends. 

    We are just finishing up the content for Issue number 1. We are looking at something similar in size to MRR or Razorcake, but larger in scope. We are going to make a a few important distinctions — we are accepting digital music, each issue will be available in PDF format online, and every issue is going to come with a split FLEXI record. For the first issue, we have two songs each from Lumpy and the Dumpers and Ausmuteants. Also, to give an example of scope, we have interviews from Ausmuteants, Martin Sorrondeguy from Los Crudos, Sean from Pork Magazine, and comedians Kamau Bell and Tom Scharpling from Best Show. 

    We are looking for all kinds of contributions–including review submissions, ads, and content. If you’re interested, I have a much longer spiel to give you a better idea about what we’re doing. Get in touch with us! 




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