Sista Brytet (live)

Twin Pigs- Sunset Fever (Single from album Chaos, Baby!)

Twin Pigs – Got Enough (Single from album Chaos, Baby!)

Sista Brytet – Som Röken Vandrar (Single from album Livet Inglasat)

Paarks – Easy Night (Single from upcoming album “Stranger Shores” released in 2016)

Paarks – Fascists at the Party (Single from upcoming album “Stranger Shores” released in 2016).

Staten Brinner – Mitt är Ditt (From Punk på Svenska EP, releasedate not set)

Vaken – Dålig Måne (From Vaken “s/t” album releasedate 11 September)

Vaken – Rakt Från Hjärtat (From Vaken “s/t” releasedate 11 September)

Brottsvåg! – Pengar

Royal Downfall – Like father, Like son, And so on… (from the LP” “Interment”)

Sista Brytet – Låt det brinna (from the split 7″ “POLITIKEN” with Popterror)

Popterror – Dyrt att vara fattig (from the split 7″ “POLITIKEN” with Sista Brytet)

Sista Brytet – Utbränd (from the EP “Medelklasshelvetet”)

Royal Downfall – A backlash is here (from the cd “These means have no end)