In a dim basement somewhere in the southern part of Sweden the solo project No Tears has slowly been germinating all hidden from the world, impatiently to see the light of day. But the time has come to crawl out of the recess! 

So buckle up and get ready for a spine-tingling cocktail of powerpop all spiced with the primal emotional expression of punk, it will leave you wanting more for sure.

The person behind the project is Christoffer “Stoffe” Karlsson also known as the lead singer of the horror rock band The Dahmers. This is his debut solo album “Heart shaped eyes” released on Luftslott Records 24th of November

Pre-Order the album now!

New Twin Pigs single out now!

Finally is Twin Pigs back! Their new single Is called Dead Sick Of America.

To quote Twin Pigs: “We could bore you with all the prices and nominations won (all of them), or tell you about all the cool shows we’ve played (all of them). But we’d rather stick to some simple facts: Twin Pigs is the best band, all categories, genres and styles. And we’re back.”
Listen Here


Fred Lee & The Restless

Fred Lee and The Restless – The weight on my shoulders, release 12 Juni, is an upbeat song that breathes Motown soul combined with rock. All signed by a personal text about punk and the D.I.Y culture.

Fred Lee & The Restless is Fredrik Lindkvist’s first solo project. Fredrik has played in punk and hardcore bands all his adult life. Screaming his lungs out in bands like Totalt Jävla Mörker , Riwen and Sista Brytet.
(Yeah it feels awkward writing about yourself, but what can one do…)


I, like you, am probably so sick of corona’s chokehold of the live scene. I want to sweat in the moshpit on punk gigs, I want to arrange gigs for unknown but totally amazing bands, I want to be knocked out by just that particular song!

Unfortunately, none of us can do it anymore, we have to wait, distance ourselves and take care of each other.

I do not have the record company as a full-time job, so purely financially so I can get through this crisis. If you want to buy records, do it by someone who has it as their only income.
But if you want to help a small indie company get around its annual financial concerns, I would appreciate if you check out my webshop. 

I give out music because I think more people should discover it.

Take care and on Friday April 17 it’s release time for Desire and Her Drunks! Amazing!

Desire and Her Drunks – Denim!

DESIRE AND HER DRUNKS has been described as one of Sweden’s bumpiest punk bands right now.
With members from the Hotet, Skjut Dig and Government Abuse, the band is a cultural collaboration between Värmland and Norrbotten in the middle of central Gothenburg. It’s messy, it’s widespread, it’s puckered punk in English that is too punk before and too rock for punk.
Their debut is called DENIM and released the 17th of April.

Get yourself some enjoyment in these times and buy their record, Click here!

Popterror – Svartåsen


Release date May 24 2019 (originally released 2012 by Sony)



  1. 40 År (02:48)
  2. Vaggvisa för en vän (03:24)
  3. Du i din sommarjacka (02:26)
  4. Försommaren ´98 (03:00)
  5. Inget brinner som broar (03:09)
  6. Snart är morgonen här (05:23)
  7. Precis likadan  (03:09)
  8. Vi tar slut (03:34)
  9. Hitta hem själv (03:08)
  10. Dom släpper nog in dig (02:39)

New year, new releases!

Hey, it’s now 2020 and we are releasing some great records early this year.
At first, Sekunderna (formerly known as Persona) Paradiset EP. They play catchy punk rock in 4-beat, the lyrics deals with every day issues in the capitalist society like staying in bed all day rather than go to work. FFO Jay Reatard, Marked Men and Cloud Nothings. Release date January 10. Order here.
Desire and Her Drunks is another great band that I’m releasing toghter with Blackvally Records, releasedate is not set yet, but early this spring you’ll hear there debutalbum.
Until then you can listen to their singel called “Owls” and get your hype on!
For all you Twin Pigs fans out there! I have some good news, their debutalbum “Chaos, Baby!” is repressed with yellow vinyl and the preorder starts right now! I got the idea and talked with the Spastic Fantastic Records for a co-release! The Twin Pigs empire will expand.

Soviac – God Damn


LP and Digital
Release date May 31 2019


  1. God Damn(01:30)
  2. Kick Off (02:35)
  3. Reklam (03:07)
  4. Borrhalan (04:19)
  5. Affrock (03:52)
  6. Frens (01:59)
  7. Retaliation (02:20)
  8. Smog (03:02)
  9. Mad Dog(01:34)
  10. Icing (01:16)

Raring – Mamma


LP and Digital
Release date April 12 2019


  1. Tillfällig Fördrivelse (03:22)
  2. Aldrig Mer Tillbaka (03:24)
  3. Efter Dig (03:33)
  4. Du Sover (03:17)
  5. Tiden Då Mörkret Föll (03:57)
  6. Våra Sista Andetag (02:47)
  7. Barren och Dimman (03:10)
  8. Jeansjacka (03:32)
  9. Du och Jag (02:29)
  10. Mamma (02:24)

Raring releases album at Luftslott Records!

I am so happy to reveal that Sweden’s best pop-band Raring will release its first album at Luftslott Records. Raring is from Luleå in Sweden.
The album arrives in the spring, I will return with exact release date later. The album is called “Mamma” and is absolutely damn brilliant, it’s a couple of older songs but also some new ones.
To this record we have formed a sublabel of Luftslott called Farsans Pengar, it is managed by my old friend Johan who loves Raring as much as I do.

Sista Brytet releases new EP!






On February 1st we release the Sista Brytet’s new EP. This is a EP with just English songs. Ep´n comes with a limited transparent cover and a poster for the first ones who order. One of the songs is a tribute to billy bragg and is just called … Billy bragg. This is one is a co-release with the amazing No front teeth Records.

Persona – EP

Release date October 26th 2018


  1. En Natt På Stan (2:57)
  2. Under Isen (2:11)
  3. Division 1 (3:25)
  4. På Perrongen (2:34)
  5. Poppa Piller (2:52)


Persona releases EP 26:th of Oktober!

This is an Ep fillies with great punk/pop melodies. Persona was formed by Lars Kyösti (Sista Brytet) in 2017, together with Johan Wiechel, Tommy Nilsson and Johan Öman. Keep your ears open the 26:th! This is only a digital release.

Twin Pigs – Scandinavian Nightmare


LP  and Digital
Release date September 07 2018


  1. I hate My brain (02:00)
  2. Scandinavian Nightmare (01:45)
  3. Push the Button (02:11)
  4. Total Narcissist 4-ever (01:03)
  5. Exiled in Stockholm (01:14)
  6. Heart Emoji (02:21)
  7. Gaping Headwound (03:11)
  8. Lollipop (03:06)
  9. Ghost Town (02:38)
  10. DOGS (01:28)
  11. Citizen (02:09)
  12. Human Hybrid (2:26)
  13. Death and Hatred to Hardcore (1:37)

Sista Brytet – Hjärtat i Handen


LP  and Digital
Release date May 05 2018


  1. Gatorna Ropar (02:52)
  2. Det Är För Sent (02:25)
  3. Kolla På Mig (03:14)
  4. Hjärtat i Handen (03:25)
  5. Alla Unga Vill Dö (02:28)
  6. Svart Regn (02:27)
  7. Paralyserande Dagar(02:20)
  8. The Revolution Is On The Next Stop (02:54)
  9. Död Innan 27 (01:45)
  10. London Kallar På Mig (02:49)
  11. Min Hemstad (02:48)
  12. Aldrig Komma Hem (3:14)


You can now pre-order the amazing album (how about a red and black marble vinyl) from our dearest pigs including a limited t-shirt (only 25 shirts)!

But i have some sad news from the pressning plant. The records will not be here for the release date 7th of September. As i can see we might have them here a week later. But i´ll keep you posted.

Do not miss their single LOLLIPOP that was released 24 of August. Stream it here LOLLIPOP

I also have some new distro records in the shop, look around and buy something. Support indie lables!

Twin Pigs – Scandinavian Nightmare








Now the countdown begins. On September 7th 2018, Luftslott releases Twin Pigs second album SCANDINAVIAN NIGHTMARE. A fabulous punk album, it’s the new shape of punk to come. But first out comes their digisingle LOLLIPOPA single that will make you lose everything.

There will be preorders on the album, coming out soon!


Hi folks! It´s been a real hectic year. I´ve released, what i think, some of the best records. Now I’m looking forward to the summer and some rest. But before the vacation i have a 10% discount on the Luftslott webshop. Just use SUMMERSALE. In that way, you help a poor punk to release more music. Thanks all!


Updates from Luftslott!

Sorry, i haven’t had the time to write about everything happening. So, here is the short story:

Ok, so Världen Brinner – Slöseri Av Tid is out. Buy it, you wont regret it!   The upcoming album releases is: Sista Brytet – Hjärtat I Handen out 4/5 2018 and Den Stora Flykten – S/T out 11/5 2018. In September, Twin Pigs second album drop like a bomb! Listen to their single now!

You can listen to the released singles on almost every digital music platform, here´s spotify links.

Sista Brytet – Kolla På Mig (feat Adam Nilsson)

KOLLA PÅ MIG (2018-03-16) is the first single from the album HJÄRTAT HANDEN (release 2018-05-04), from the Swedish punkband Sista Brytet. The song is a textual recital about how life can go long ways, how everything can change over a day as well as a longing for accomplishing something of value.

On this single Sista Brytet has guest vocals by Adam Nillson (Stilett, Adam Nilsson & Insatsstyrkan, ex Tysta Mari) and Lars Ekman (Stilett, Hanna Hirsch) organ.

Totalt Jävla Mörker – Skellefteå Hardcore 2000-2009

LP (split with D-Takt och Råpunk Records) and Digital
Release date December 1st 2017


  1. Livstid På Golvet (01:20)
  2. Brinn För Fan, Brinn (01:59)
  3. Fildelningsprocessen (00:48)
  4. Socialt Hyckleri (01:12)
  5. En Till Blodig Höst (01:40)
  6. Vem Fan Styr? (00:53)
  7. Ett Gott Företagsklimat (01:21)
  8. Helvetespunk (02:46)
  9. I De Multinationella Företagens Klor (00:10)
  10. Punkkille/Tjej På Pubjävel (02:13)
  11. Proggrock(01:53)
  12. Totalt Jävla Millennium(02:15)
  13. Karl Buechner Går Inte På Asfalt (02:58)
  14. Brott Utan Straff (03:08)
  15. Ännu Ett Krig(01:29)
  16. Mätt, Mättare, Död (02:02)
  17. Backa, För Fan! (02:04)
  18. Totalt Jävla Mörker (02:58)
  19. Lögnen Blir Sanningen, Och Sanningen Är Subjektiv… (03:08)
  20. Sex Sex Sex(01:29)
  21. Genom Historiens Kikarsikte (02:02)
  22. En Folkhemsk Idyll (02:04)
  23. Kall Värld(01:29)
  24. Embryo (remix) (02:02)
  25. Min Själ Är Profit (02:04)
  26. Vi Samlar Oss (02:04)

Totalt Jävla Mörker – Söndra & Härska


LP (split with D-Takt och Råpunk Records) and Digital
Release date December 1st 2017


  1. De Naglar Fast Mig På Korset (01:54)
  2. Vår Verkliga Bur (02:02)
  3. Bödeln Stämplar Ut (02:26)
  4. Vem Formar Din Syn På Världen (01:09)
  5. Världsfinansernas Kollaps (02:10)
  6. De Röstlösas Röst (02:23)
  7. Dödsdemokratier (02:46)
  8. Att Möta Mörkret (02:32)
  9. Ett Vackert Landskap Af Ensamhet (01:07)
  10. Sjunde Kretsen (02:58)
  11. Blod, Svett & Ångest(00:58)
  12. Syndaren Skall Sent Förlåtas(02:13)

Totalt Jävla Mörker – S/T


LP (split with D-Takt och Råpunk Records) and Digital
Release date December 1st 2017


  1. Samma Jävla Skit (01:54)
  2. Psykets Heroin (02:02)
  3. Kall Värld (02:26)
  4. Piskan Viner Igen (01:09)
  5. Fader Vår (02:10)
  6. Fängelse Med Vita Knutar (02:23)
  7. Smärtgränsen (02:46)
  8. Embryo (02:32)
  9. Människan Som Försöksdjur (01:07)
  10. Ödets Väg (02:58)
  11. Norrland(00:58)
  12. Ditt Krig(02:13)
  13. Döden, En Lönsam Affär? (01:33)
  14. Vi Säljer Inte Ut – För Vi Har Inget Köpt (01:59)
  15. Den Nya Tidens Korståg(02:42)

Totalt Jävla Mörker – Människans Ringa Värde


LP (split with D-Takt och Råpunk Records) and Digital
Release date December 1st 2017


  1. Rasist i Uniform (01:24)
  2. Brott och Straff (00:58)
  3. Ondskans Makt (01:58)
  4. I jakten på profit (01:14)
  5. Under Sions kalla Stjärna (02:02)
  6. Helvetets Portkod (01:38)
  7. Det Ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri (01:55)
  8. Medial Dagsslända (01:26)
  9. Gammal Svensk Arbetsmoral (03:00)
  10. Nedräkningen (01:32)
  11. Människans Ringa Värde(02:01)
  12. Inte död än(02:15)
  13. Det Svartnar För Ögonen (00:59)
  14. Livet är ett lungemfysem (01:51)
  15. Apatins Armé(03:05)

Totalt Jävla Mörker – Det Ofrivilla Lidandets Maskineri


LP (split with D-Takt och Råpunk Records) and Digital
Release date December 1st 2017


  1. Nej Till Livet (01:20)
  2. Ursäkta min uppriktighet (01:59)
  3. Fildelningsprocessen (00:48)
  4. Fremskrittspartiet (01:12)
  5. Kapitalet Knullar Oss (01:40)
  6. Städa efter din egen skit (00:53)
  7. Möjligheternas Stad (01:21)
  8. Ordets Makt (02:46)
  9. Om Mao Var Här (00:10)
  10. Eko (02:13)
  11. Krossa Flaskan i mitt Ansikte (01:53)
  12. PK – Poliskonstapel (02:15)
  13. Brev Från TJM #1 (02:58)
  14. Ja! (03:08)
  15. Brev Från TJM #2 (01:29)
  16. Shocking Nymoralism (02:02)
  17. Sista utposten (02:04)

Pause in the shop!

Hello again, i take a break with the Luftslott shop until the Totalt Jävla Mörker tour is done. It got so much work with everything else so I’m taking a break for December 12th. After that you will be able to but the rest of the colored TJM records. Hope thats ok.

Totalt Jävla Mörker releases out now!

You can now purchase Totalt Jävla Mörker colored vinyls from Luftslott Records.
Do not hesitate because they are limited and sold only through the band, Luftslott Records and D-Takt och Råpunk.

IF you want the Totalt Jävla Mörker -Vinylboxen, we´ll sell them (thou without photofanzine and postcard, only in “Dö Hårt”).

Just email me at


Bad Nerve – The Lost Ones


LP and Digital
Release date August 25th 2017


  1. Mission (01:44)
  2. Prisoners (03:28)
  3. No Attitude (01:37)
  4. Another One Is Dead (01:22)
  5. I Can’t Believe It’s Saturday Again (02:46)
  6. Are We The Lost Ones? (00:46)
  7. There Was No Golden Age (03:36)
  8. Not A Perfect World (02:59)
  9. They Got To Me (02:13)
  10. Out Of Time (01:24)
  11. Not A Victim(01:06)
  12. You Got Me Paranoid(01:50)
  13. Human Desperation Pays For Your Vacation (01:51)
  14. Light A Match (03:28)


Luftslott Records releases Totalt Jävla Mörker discography.

We are excited and happy to finally be able to announce that LUFTSLOTT RECORDS and D-TAKT & RÅPUNK will release the TJM discography on vinyl in connection with their 20th anniversary. RELEASE DECEMBER 1, 2017. Find all necessary information about all releases and different versions below. Pre-order/questions:

* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Människans Ringa Värde, 12″ (black vinyl)
* S/t, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Söndra & Härska, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Skellefteå Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Då Hämndens Timme Slår, 7″ (transparent green vinyl)
* Logo metal badge
* Fold-up poster
* Sticker
* Unique TJM related photography, different photos in all boxes
* Photo fanzine (included only in the ‘Dö hårt’ version)
Now available for pre-order:
1250sek/each (shipping w/ tracking nr included within Sweden). All pre-orders are prepaid!
– – – – – – –
* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Människans Ringa Värde, 12″ (black vinyl)
* S/t, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Söndra & Härska, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Skellefteå Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″ (black vinyl)
* Då Hämndens Timme Slår, 7″ (transparent green vinyl)
* Logo metal badge
* Fold-up poster
* Sticker
* Unique TJM related photography, different photos in all boxes
Will be sold at TJM upcoming shows, those boxes that are left will be available through the labels websites in mid-December.
1200sek/each + shipping.
– – – – – – –
* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″ (green vinyl)
* Människans Ringa Värde, 12″ (white vinyl)
* S/t, 12″ (red vinyl)
* Söndra & Härska, 12″ (silver vinyl)
* Skellefteå Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″ (purple vinyl)
Will be sold at TJM upcoming shows, those colored vinyls that are left will be available through the labels websites in mid-December..
150sek/each + shipping.
– – – – – – –
* Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri, 12″
* Människans Ringa Värde, 12″
* S/t, 12″
* Söndra & Härska, 12″
* Skellefteå Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″
Will be sold mainly through the labels websites in December.
135sek/each + shipping.
Lables and distros get in touch with Luftslott Records ( for w/s and further information. We accept orders from all over the world.

Bad Nerve – The Lost Ones out Aug 25th!

The Bad Nerve record will be out August 25th, and you can already preorder it from the shop with a mighty good looking t-shirt! Bad Nerve – The Lost ones is 14 tracks of simple yet innovative and catchy punkrock that mirrors both the Umeå tradition and classic american Hardcore like Zero Boys, Bad Brains and Wipers. This is a split-release with Ny Våg Records. 

Preorder here: Bad Nerve preorder

Twin Pigs – Chaos, baby!

LP and Digital
Release date November 4th 2016


  1. Alright, poets! (01:28)
  2. Give me death (02:25)
  3. Got enough (01:18)
  4. Possessed (01:55)
  5. Sunset fever (01:48)
  6. Six inch car (02:34)
  7. The Ludovico technique (02:09)
  8. Burning flag (01:22)
  9. Planet of the apes (01:39)
  10. Piss and saliva (02:16)
  11. Government setup (01:31)
  12. Vertigo (02:21)

Sista Brytet – Livet inglasat

LP and Digital
Release date May 13th 2016


  1. Livet inglasat (02:22)
  2. Västerbotten (02:20)
  3. Som röken vandrar (02:29)
  4. Nere för räkning (01:29)
  5. Bortom verkligheten (02:19)
  6. Väntrum (03:12)
  7. En anarkists minnen (03:01)
  8. 200 dagar av mörker (02:03)
  9. Krossade drömmar (03:34)
  10. Från Oslo till USA (03:02)
  11. Du är över nu (02:52)

Paarks – Stranger shores

LP and digital
Release date April 1st 2016


  1. Sleeper hill (03:26)
  2. Rodeo (03:17)
  3. Easy night (02:59)
  4. Fascists at the party (02:52)
  5. Rio (02:43)
  6. Signal (03:32)
  7. Fellas! (02:39)
  8. Stood in line (01:34)
  9. Atlantic noise (03:30)
  10. Heroin chick (02:49)
  11. Good th know (02:43)
  12. Crook (03:38)

Vaken – S/T

LP and digital
Release date September 11th 2015


  1. Fint att komma hem (02:01)
  2. Dålig måne (06:21)
  3. Rakt från hjärtat (03:21)
  4. En ursäkt (03:40)
  5. Nr 57 (02:26)
  6. Reverb (03:11)
  7. Strävan (04:40)
  8. Köttätaren (04:48)
  9. Skär (06:55)