Raring releases album at Luftslott Records!

I am so happy to reveal that Sweden’s best pop-band Raring will release its first album at Luftslott Records. Raring is from Luleå in Sweden.
The album arrives in the spring, I will return with exact release date later. The album is called “Mamma” and is absolutely damn brilliant, it’s a couple of older songs but also some new ones.
To this record we have formed a sublabel of Luftslott called Farsans Pengar, it is managed by my old friend Johan who loves Raring as much as I do.

Sista Brytet releases new EP!






On February 1st we release the Sista Brytet’s new EP. This is a EP with just English songs. Ep´n comes with a limited transparent cover and a poster for the first ones who order. One of the songs is a tribute to billy bragg and is just called … Billy bragg. This is one is a co-release with the amazing No front teeth Records.

Persona – EP

Release date October 26th 2018


  1. En Natt På Stan (2:57)
  2. Under Isen (2:11)
  3. Division 1 (3:25)
  4. På Perrongen (2:34)
  5. Poppa Piller (2:52)


Persona releases EP 26:th of Oktober!

This is an Ep fillies with great punk/pop melodies. Persona was formed by Lars Kyösti (Sista Brytet) in 2017, together with Johan Wiechel, Tommy Nilsson and Johan Öman. Keep your ears open the 26:th! This is only a digital release.

Twin Pigs – Scandinavian Nightmare


LP  and Digital
Release date September 07 2018


  1. I hate My brain (02:00)
  2. Scandinavian Nightmare (01:45)
  3. Push the Button (02:11)
  4. Total Narcissist 4-ever (01:03)
  5. Exiled in Stockholm (01:14)
  6. Heart Emoji (02:21)
  7. Gaping Headwound (03:11)
  8. Lollipop (03:06)
  9. Ghost Town (02:38)
  10. DOGS (01:28)
  11. Citizen (02:09)
  12. Human Hybrid (2:26)
  13. Death and Hatred to Hardcore (1:37)

Bad Nerve releases on Luftslott Records

Shocking news! You can’t believe this! Luftslott Records and Ny Våg Records are going to co-release Bad Nerve‘s LP: The Lost Ones. The first sweet taste you’ll  get from the records is the single Prisoners. Prisoners will be released on all digital streaming platforms on May the 19. The full-length record will be out early this autumn.

We have joined forces to give you a damn fine example of the Umeå Hardcore tradition with the new Bad Nerve LP: The Lost Ones.

Twin Pigs – Chaos, Baby!

TWINPIGS_Press2016November the 4:th Luftslott Records and Twin Pigs will release their debut album “Chaos, Baby!”
The band started out in Stockholm 2015 and consists of Andreas, Canan, Erik and Klara. Semi-veteran punks who previously played in Gamla Pengar, Tiger Bell, Inkvisitionen and Besserbitch. With songs about Donkey Kong, activism, burning flags, to have an ambivalent relationship with the internet, The X-Files, Stanley Kubrick and devil worship is this exactly what you can expect and know you need from a punk band 2016.
First single “Got Enough” will be released the 16th of September.
Hardcore punk as it best!

Songs offline…

Some of you may have noticed that Sista Brytet’s and The Whycantyoudies’ songs are not available on Spotify and iTunes and other streaming sites anymore. We have fixed this issue with our online distro, and they will soon be available again.

Coming soon!

We are so happy to release The Whycantyoudies – “He Left You – Greatest Hits 2003–2005”!

You will find the digital version on iTunes, Spotify and other big sites. The cassette version have two cool remixes, but we are still waiting for the cassettes. We’ll let you know when they arrive.

//Luftslott Crew


The Whycantyoudies

Okey, here it is, the release that you haven’t been waiting for! Do you remember the band “The  Whycantyoudies”? Probably not, they are too big for you guys. We’re gonna release their “Greatest Hits” this December, right around christmas.

It will be released as cassette and digital.

You can download a preview, “Working Class Zero”, here.

//Luftslott records

Where can I find “Medelklasshelvetet EP”?

You can find it in these music stores, hope there is one that suits you!


Ok, you can find it in more stores, but then you’ll have to search for yourself…

Royal Downfall single

Royal Downfall announces that the mix of their new single “A Flash of Light” is finally done.

“Next stop is mastering, then we’re off”, says Janne Olofsson.

It’s been five years since the release of “These Means Have No End”, so this is huge! We’re planning a release in April.


Happy new year!

2012 is the year when we finally will release some good music. SISTA BRYTET is releasing an EP in February and ROYAL DOWNFALL will post a single as soon as the mixing is done.

Stay tuned!